The Association "BRACCIO DI FERRO RfE - Ricky for Ever" was established in the loving memory of Riccardo Molinaro Caridà a beautiful child who entered our lives for a too-brief period of time.

Riccardo was born on July 15th 2006. He was a happy, sporty and mature kid.

















In February 2017, Riccardo started to accuse a slight deviation to an eye (in technical terms called esophoria). It was the beginning of a short but fatal brain tumour.
His family took him to Paris to try and save his life through innovative and experimental medicines. But nothing really worked. He spent the last few days at the Pediatric Hospice in Padua. 

On May 9th, 2017 thanks to the beautiful people who work at the Hospice, Ricky lived his last moments filled with serenity and peace, crossing the door to his new life without pain and fear.

He was our cousin. He is still our cousin. Because he is still here. RfE. Ricky for Ever. 
Because "Nothing ends when you truly live a remarkable life".

In occasion of this Christmas, we've decided to make a gift to the beautiful people who helped Ricky in his last few moments. This is why we've decided to contribute raising fund for this incredible structure and help Braccio di Ferro - RfE Ricky for Ever.



Do something remarkable this Christmas. When you buy a Grande inchiostro and paper planner through the link below we will donate 80% of our profits to Braccio di Ferro.

Thank you. 
Sab, Je & Elena


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