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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

Cambiamo is the name of our sustainability project. The philosophy behind our brand and the meaning of it all. It's the reason why, we think that change is only possible if everyone, every company, customers, employer or employees assumes its responsibility towards a better planet. We at inchiostro and paper don't think that someone else will save us. We believe it's our responsibility to save ourselves. 

inchiostro and paper is here to bring a global change to our society. 

Ambitious? Yes, but why not? 

Since Day 1, back in 2017 when this all started, I refused to take shortcuts or get cheap materials of doubt sources. Since the very beginning, I obsessed over every single step in the production and how they end up on your doorstep.

Half of my time is spent searching for ways to improve our products and our processes, to make sure that inchiostro and paper is a responsible company with a positive impact on the environment and society in general. 

Big companies often use fancy names and mention big NGOs to show off how they are apparently doing good in the world. But often this is just a marketing move to attract new customers. How easily could a giant e-commerce really BE the change we need? How easily could we all boycott big brands to make the market more sustainable? 

This is why inchiostro and paper is really different. 

  • No matter what it costs, we will always pick materials that have the least environmental impact. We are working very hard to produce recyclable products. Even though we believe and hope you'll keep your planners and journal forever, by 2022 we are going to only produce products which are made of:
    - Renewable source - natural (eg paper).
    - Non-renewable source (fossil). In this case, it must not be a virgin, but possibly:
    100% recycled or  100% biobased (crop waste, that is, they must not subtract land from agriculture).


  • Our suppliers share our same values, and we check their production process very closely.

  • We've recently started our forest with which we compensate the emissions resulting from shipping your orders. 

  • plastic-free pledge 99.9999% done: we've taken huge steps to achieve this goal and we are still working on it. While we've removed all plastic from our packaging and replaced with biodegradable bubbles, our biggest challenge remains the envelope for the shipping labels which need to be protected from rain and transportation. We've been testing other materials with little success so far, but we won't give up until we find the perfect solution. 


We will continue to do our bit and educate ourselves and our customers on how we can do better and shop wisely. There are so many sustainable options, there really is no excuse for not going greener.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our processes, if you lack any information, or if you notice anything that we might have missed, we want to hear from you. Simply email us with your ideas and suggestions. 

Our Philosophy and Promise

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Support a young and small business and contribute to make the world a better place. 

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