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5 alternative ways to use your daily planner

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


A daily planner is a very useful tool to improve your life and general organisation. There are several ways to use a daily planner, for example, the classic way, as a daily diary for all your appointments and classes. Or tracking your working or studying routine, but you can also use it as a personal or travel journal. Oh and if you find yourself with more than one planner, or if you feel like you need a little bit of extra space on top of your weekly planner, no worries, a timeless daily planner is the solution.

Here you find 5 alternative ways to use a daily planner: you just need an Inchiostro and Paper daily planner, the undated and timeless planner that will guarantee you total freedom for your creativity. It can start whenever you want and it can be used only when needed avoiding useless waste of space and pages.

1- Daily planner for to-do and bucket lists

To-do lists are a simple but functional tool to organise your daily routine: you can start with a page for your weekly to-do list and then one page for your daily to-do list.

If you need some tips about how to set up a to-do list and complete it, here you have the right article for you.

A bucket list is our dream list with things to be done before 20/50/70 years: places you want to see in the world, books you must read, films to watch at least once in your lifetime.

Bucket list by @sunshine_journal_ via Instagram

2- Daily or weekly trackers

Pretty much like in the bullet journal method, trackers are useful to have your complete life situation just on one page, tracking your daily activities: food, beauty, reading time, work and all your hobbies altogether.

In order to build your daily tracker on a daily planner, you have to choose the activities you want to track and don’t forget to complete it every day!

Any ideas for your daily tracker? Workouts, reading, healthy food or no-spend days?

habit tracker by @buj0.sarah via Instagram


3- Travel Journal

Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean 1 month away, instead also a weekend, or just a daily trip. When I travel, I love collecting things that could remind me about new places, and then organise them in a journal, creating a kind of travel journal using photos, notes, a newspaper written. Use your daily planner to prepare a travel journal: remember it has to be your personal journal, so put inside everything that inspires you and your memories. If you need inspiration for your travel journal, don’t miss this article.

Travel journal by @nicolenagelgast via Instagram

4- Self-care journal

Taking care of yourself is the most important aspect of your daily routine: a self-care journal is a simple solution through which you get in touch with yourself, gaining positivity and self-confidence. Use your daily planner as a personal planner for inspirational quotes, notes about articles, books or films, stories that inspire you, both online or offline. The self-care journal will help you know your true needs and what makes you happy: don’t be afraid of expressing yourself, instead feel free while you complete it.

self-care journal by @littleolivebujo via Instagram

5- The 5-minute journal or gratitude journal

The 5-minute journal is a personal planner that requires just 5 minutes daily, with some questions that help you thinking about positive and negative aspects of your day. In order to create your DIY 5-minute journal, you have to choose some questions and answer them every day, usually about positive and negative things of your day. Usually, the 5-minute journal is connected with mindfulness and it will help you focus on your goals.

Here you have some tips to build your DIY 5-minute journal:

- one thing you’re grateful for today

- what would have you done to feel better today?

- things that worry you at the moment

- what makes you really feel comfortable with yourself.

gratitude journal by @bujotips_bea via Instagram

Last, but not least, if you rather have a blank notebook, you can also use the Daily Timeless Planner as your new bullet journal since it has the same 100grs super-resistant paper, lots and lots of pages and no pre-set schedule.

How do you use your daily planner? Share your pics on Instagram using #inchiostroandpaper and #inchiostrofam!

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