5 ideas for environmentally-friendly Christmas presents

Christmas is in the air and all of us are thinking about gifts and presents for friends, brothers, sisters and grandparents! This is a very particular moment for our planet because we are all living the same uncertain and difficult situation all around.

This Christmas will be different from the others, but we don’t have to forget about our planet. Here are 5 ideas you could use for an environmental-friendly Christmas!

1. Only buy gifts that will be useful and appreciated by people, we don’t need non-useful things

🎶 "Last Christmas I gave you my gift, But the very next day you throw it away!" 🎶

Always think before buying a gift. Would it really be useful? Would it really be appreciated by that person?

Write down all the names of the people you would buy a gift and start thinking about some ideas. Use this list for your shopping, so you will buy only the essential and right present for each one.

Perhaps, think about a unique big present for your parents or for a couple of friends for example.

2. Support small, women-owned or black people businesses

This is a particular moment for our local shops and little businesses: they’ll need all our support, so opt to buy something from them rather than Amazon and co this Christmas.

Think about gifting a local wine, a planner designed and produced by a tiny company (Inchiostro and Paper planners!), some special candles or handmade kitchenware. Check our Instagram highlights stories for some gorgeous inspirations.

It could be also very simple, for example, some local foods for your faraway friends, or a paid dinner for your parents in their favourite restaurant.

3. Go for eco-friendly packaging

Instead of buying plastic bags and so on, prefer packaging you have for sure at home. Paper bags, boxes from your online shopping will be as perfect as a new box. Paper, tissue, twine, dried flowers, cinnamon or just a red bow will give some Christmas’s atmosphere.

4. Personalise them with cards, flowers or chocolate :)

Call on your creativity for the packaging personalization. Draw some Christmas Cards or tags for your gifts, put some chocolate inside your packaging or dried flowers between a bow and another.

5. Give a handmade gift

Christmas cookies, a cake, Christmas cards made by you, homemade candles… The most important aspect is that you spent some time to prepare it with your hands and your creativity. What's better than something you made yourself?

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