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5 Questions you can't ask a stationery addict

Stationery addicts are people who feel nostalgic about past times, hand-written letters sent from the post office boxes in little villages, always in search of paper perfume and different types of paper. As each addition, sometimes stationary addicted have to explain their need for notebooks, pens or just their visit to an old stationery shop during a trip.

In this article, I have reunited 5 questions you can’t ask a stationery addict, following all the typical questions I’ve been asked in my 23 years of paper addiction!

1. Do you really need your 20th light-blue pencil?

There aren’t enough quantities of stationery things related to a particular colour, because every time I see a particular tonality, I always search for a notebook, a pen or something else that matches with a specific colour palette. When someone asks me ‘Do you really need that thing also if at home you have 30 blue pens?’, I try my best to explain the fact that for me each colour could express something different, and that blue-colour of the summer’s sea is what I need in my collection.

2. Don’t you have enough stationery things at home?

Monthly/daily/weekly planners, desk planner and post it, dotted/minimal/colourful notebooks, squared or lined exercise notebooks, washi tapes for every occasion, hundreds of pens for journaling and bullet journal: how can I have enough of this beauty?

3. Paper vs. Technology, who wins?

For a stationary addicted, there’s no comparison between paper and digital. Digital has simplified our lives in different ways, but I can’t say no to a paper planner, a little notebook and everything made by paper.

4.Do you really need to start a new notebook for every aspect of your life?

I’m used to choosing a new notebook for every chapter of my daily routine. My favourite notebooks for projects and personal life are Inchiostro and Paper dotted notebooks: I have one for all the ideas about Inchiostro’s blog articles, I’ve used one for taking notes about my thesis, favourite books quotes, future plans of just journaling. I prefer to have one notebook for each ‘aspect’ of my life, so when I search for something, I immediately find it with everything inside. More recently, I've started using the bullet journal method on my Bullet and Paper Book which has allowed me to keep every single aspect of my life in one notebook. I love the idea of having a book which contains everything and if I have an idea about something when I am out and about I can always make a quick note on it on the go.

5.Are you planning to visit stationery shops also during your holiday?

A truly stationary addicted can't never forget about her or his passion. The visit to the Historical Museum of any city is always followed by a little visit to the attached stationery shop. I recommend you to have a look at this section of the blog where you’ll find some of the most beautiful stationery shops and libraries here in Italy.

And you? Are you a TRUE stationery addict? What do you do to satisfy your addiction? Tell us in the comments below!

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