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5 styles for your bullet journal’s monthly spread

When I started my journey inside the bullet journal method using The dotted notebook, I was always looking for inspiration to write and draw my first pages. I’ve decided the keys that match best with my organisation and then I started to design my first monthly spread.

After some experiment, I decided to create my monthly spread, combining different styles and bullet journal’s “schools”.

The new inchiostro and paper's Bullet and Paper Book is the best if you are just starting with the method and wish to find a little help with your first spreads and trackers. If you are scared of starting or afraid of the blank page, you can also pick one of the inchiostro and paper notebooks while you learn the ropes of bullet journaling. If you are new in the bullet journal method, Sabrina wrote an article about the first passages of bullet journaling.

Today, I’ve selected 5 different monthly spreads for your bullet journal: have a look and decide what is best for you and share the final result with #inchiostroandpaper!

1. Single page or double page

My first monthly spread was just one page like this by @frai.oh. It's perfect if you don’t need too much space and you can still set some priorities.


Double-page like the one by @joyouswonder instead means more space for your creativity: calendar + monthly goals, calendar + to-do list, calendar+ trackers… or just a calendar and some drawings!


2. Minimalist inspiration

People usually think a bullet journal is just for who is very good at drawing and lettering, but I don’t agree. My bujo style is very simple because I prefer a basic and organised layout.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a lot of colours, use just a black or blue pen. A bullet journal is your own instrument and you have to feel comfortable while you are organising your month with it! A simple grid and your favourite quote will be enough to start the month in the right way like in the beautiful spread by @wolkenmeere below.


If drawing is your passion or you just want to try to create something original, design your monthly spread with a grid and some black/white drawings like @leelajournals does. It’s a simple style but nice!


3. Trackers and to-do list

In my article about ‘the art of making to-do lists you will actually fulfil’ I’ve suggested you create a weekly to-do list with your priorities.

Writing a monthly to-do list will help you organise the time at your disposal. Use your keys and at the end of the month, you will be able to have a monthly report of your activities. Have a look at the great spread by @littleolivebujo.


4. Doodles and journaling

Use photos, newspaper clippings, flowers, cinemas and museums’ tickets to create a monthly journal. inchiostro and paper stickers were designed to add a touch of colour between your bullet journal pages.

Experiment with drawing, because you don’t have to be Van Gogh or Picasso to draw something and find your style! Look at these great and simple drawings made by @b.bulletjournal!

5. Motivational & Mindfulness

inchiostro and paper's Bullet and Paper Book comes with its minimal and clear monthly spread for you to fill. So if you are new to the method or a bit scared of starting from scratch, you should definitely consider it!

inchiostro and paper’s founder believes in the importance of living a remarkable life, and so she decided to add a list of goals for every month in the 2020 Weekly Planner that you can also add to your Bullet and Paper Book.

inchiostro and paper's products are definitely on the inspirational and motivational side. When you are designing your monthly spread, don’t forget about your dreams and goals. Add a motivational quote to your grid or write down some mindfulness activities for every month. In the end, you will feel more comfortable about yourself, knowing that you are able to accomplish your goals.


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