7 Minimalist Bullet Journal Ideas

When I first heard about the bullet journal method, I stumbled upon pictures of colourful and highly-elaborated pages. I immediately closed all the search tabs I had opened on my browser thinking it wasn't for me. It was maybe only after a couple of years after that I searched for the method again at its original source and...OMG, it was love at the first, well second, sight. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to paper and stationery - you should know that by now - so I was afraid of ruining an expensive notebook with my horrible handwriting and without really knowing much about the method. That's why, I started journalling on one of our notebooks and slowly filled an entire collection which I later bound together with a handmade band which also had a pen holder. MAGIC.

In the past few months, I've really come to love the method as I learnt more about it and as I come to believe it's the only thing that allows me to kill procrastination and really get stuff done, while also helping me to take good care of my personal and mental health.

I love watching people being creative on their bullet journal, I love drawings, washi tape, stickers, watercolours and colourful trackers, daily and weekly spreads filled with birds and flowers, however, I'm too fond of order and minimalism to let myself try it. (Let's also say that I'm totally useless with drawing, but this is just a detail!).

What is a minimalist Bullet Journal?

It's a cleaner, simpler approach to bullet journaling. Basically, it's going back to basics. In fact, Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal method, thought about an easy way to log information, to-do list, notes, thoughts all in one place with minimal effort.

Here are 10 ideas for your minimal bullet journal:

1. Simple, but complete weekly layout

@booksofnotes created a minimalistic weekly spread which still features a weekly tracker, a task list, focus and goals.

2. Reflective Daily Spread

@teacherwithaplan has created a gorgeous daily spread which includes time for reflection and plans to improve.

3. A touch of lettering

I simply love this weekly spread by @tetheredandtold and I'm so jealous of her skills!! Even if she has minimal set up, the little leaves and lettering give a gorgeous effect to her bullet journal.

4. Minimal Design

If you are here, you probably are familiar with our minimal design already. At inchiostro and paper, in fact, we are addicted to simple lines and black ink. And this gorgeous drawing by @lifeisarty is something truly beautiful to add to your monthly spread.

5.Super simple and super minimal Monthly Spread

The monthly spread is one of the most useful things using the bullet journal method. I actually realised that using my inchiostro and paper planner because it gives me a clear overview of what my month will look like. This one by @bujototheminimal is absolutely perfect and easy to recreate.

6. Brainstorming ideas

One of the things I love the most about the bullet journal method is the fact that I finally found a place where to store all the things in my life. I used to have various notebooks every year and then forget where things where. Nowadays, that I use my Bullet and Paper Book, it's become the one and only place where I put every single idea, note and things to do so I never miss out or forget stuff. This gorgeous brainstorming spread by @minimal.plan is perfect to unfold something from your brain and create a plan around it.

7. Minimal Expenses and Fitness Trackers

Another thing I love about using my bujo is that I can keep track of my expenses as well as all other things going on in my life. I'm definitely adopting this minimal expense tracker by @simplebujos next month!

As you can see from the pictures above, all you really need for a minimalist bullet journal is a nice notebook and a pen. If you like colours, flowers and birds, please keep doing them on your bullet journal. Neither is right or wrong, the beauty of the method is that you can choose what you like but also try different styles as you go along. If you have just started, you can try and test different things until you find what you really like and stick to it until you feel it's time to try something new. Ultimately, it's your bullet journal! You should have fun with it and make it your own style!

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