A Tree for You: inchiostro and paper's forest

Since I was a little child I believed that there was something around us, something that made us similar and unique at the same time. I've always been a dreamer, I wouldn't have left my €100K/year job in London to travel the world for two years or I would have never started a stationery business in a digital era like the one we live in, if I wasn't one, right? My parents and friends always told me to stop dreaming: get a normal job, get a house, start a family. But I always knew I wanted to do something more, something different with my own time on this planet.

Day by day, step by step, project after project, I'm achieving my goal to live a remarkable life. Today, I can finally say that another crazy dream of mine has become true...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to our Tree-Nation Inchiostro and Paper forest. Directly from the #inchiostrlab, where I'm sitting with a cup of coffee, I've just planted 100 trees in Tanzania for the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation Project.

For the first 100 people who bought a 2021 Weekly Planner, I donated and bought a tree there (plus 2 for me to test the platform!)

And here are the results:

I'm conscious of the impact my paper business has on the environment and even if I only use FSC or recycled paper, there are still trees being used. I'm also very aware of the impact of shipping parcels all around the world and while I discourage express shipping I know that people sometimes want their things swiftly. Starting this forest I want to compensate our footprint and today is an important day as we start this process. Thank you for making it possible.

Do you want to be part of this project too? Do you really want to change the world, as I always say, one planner at a time?


Anyone can have their own tree in our forest, when you purchase any of the following products:

Simply scroll the drop-down menu and add a tree to your purchase and have your tree in the inchiostro and paper forest.

Alone we can do little things, but together impossible is nothing.

Thank you. Grazie. Merci. Danke Tak.

Sabrina Bertazzo

owner and founder

inchiostro and paper

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