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Ca' Libro, Our new Home in Turin, Italy

Here's a new article on where to find our inchiostro and paper products near you. If you want to find out about the others, make sure to read them here. [read this article in Italian on our new Medium channel]

We love everything about paper and bookshops couldn't be our paradise. We prefer independent bookshops because they mean authenticity and courage, the ingredients which gave birth to Inchiostro and Paper.

Ca’ Libro is an independent bookshop in the heart of Turin, run by Matteo Perin and Elisa Bottero.

The slogan ‘tailor-made books’ is related to Matteo’s past life, who used to work in the precision mechanics area. The callipers used every day as a measurement instrument is connected with the dream of a bookshop where everyone could find a book that perfectly matches with his/her tastes and passions, without making anyone feeling excluded from this little paper paradise.

The Vanchiglia neighbourhood is Ca’Libro’s home: the bookshop is very close to the city centre, near two important university poles, a strategic position that attracts students searching for new books and new opportunities. Ca’Libro is the right place for people looking for books that you won’t find in chain’s bookshops or past editions: there’s an entire level devoted to used books.

Matteo and Elisa’s aim is to give an editorial mark that distinguishes Ca’Libro from other bookshops, giving attention to little publishing companies with quality products and everything you won’t find in other traditional bookshops.

Ca’Libro in Turin is not only an independent bookshop but also a multifunctional space: books' presentations, cultural (and also musical) events, fables and stories for the little ones, handcrafted objects but also from little entrepreneur, chats and coffee!

If you dream about working surrounded by books and paper things, Ca’Libro offers a quiet co-working space.

If you are walking around Turin, you don’t have to miss some time spent in this amazing bookshop: you will find also a selection of our Inchiostro and Paper products!

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