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EthiQ - Our new lovely home in Belluno

[leggi questo articolo in Italiano nel nostro nuovo canale Medium] It looks like a trend is finally taking place in Italy: we are talking about eco-friendly shops and ethical clothing.

For Inchiostro and Paper, choosing new retailers and share with them the new collections means identifying and recognising the same values: sustainability, environment-friendly manufacturing and authenticity.

EthiQ was founded in 2018 by two young entrepreneurs, interested in ethical and eco-friendly clothing, who decided to open their shop in Belluno. Here you will find a selection of Italian clothing brands, characterised by their respect for the environment and attention to who sew and wrapped the product.

Rita and Alessandro left the fast fashion trend outside their home, to make room for new clothes designed and produced by little artisans or short supply chains, conscious about the negative aspects caused by fast fashion productions, such as pollution and exploitation.

Rita e Alessandro

EthiQ was founded in Belluno, a little town very close to the Dolomites National Park, an area that mostly has been abandoned by young people who decide to build a career far from their homeland.

Rita and Alessandro instead have decided to trust on the mountain and their origins, proposing a new shopping concept, based on quality and sustainability.

Their motto is #dressdifferent: when someone decides to buy and wear ethical clothes, this means to appreciate nature, respecting artisan’s work and tiny productions. On the other hand, the fast-fashion industry is based on following new trends season after season and EthiQ teaches us to find our style with clothes and accessories, supporting the body-positive philosophy and building a society with buyers who are conscious about what they buy, not only with when food shopping.

Inside EthiQ you can find clothes sewed with natural fibres (bamboo and eucalyptus for example) or recycled materials (fishermen’s nets or plastic bottles), in particular, independent and Italian brands and tiny artisans.

If you are looking for a particular and authentic accessory to mark your style, EthiQ offers you jewels made by metallic wastes, bags with paper fibres or apple wastes and a selection of limited editions products.

Are you searching for something to do during your trip to the Dolomites? Don’t forget to visit EthiQ: between ethical clothing and original complements, you will also find the latest inchiostro and paper collection, designed to be part of your conscious life, respecting the environment.

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