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How to organise your desk in 5 steps


I’m not a minimalist person (I’m working on it!) and I have a lot of things related to stationary and books and not so much space. One day I woke up and decided to try to be less messy: decluttering my things made me think about what I really need when I’m working from home.

One of the most important things, while you are working, is the fact that your working/studying space has to be organised.

Your productivity is strictly connected with the space in which you work or study: if there are a lot of distractions, you won’t be focused on your tasks. I’ve personally noticed the difference between having everything organised and having a messy room.

Organised desk means more productivity

If you are designing your working space from zero, I suggest you think about the right furniture: there are some particular elements which will help you be organised. Instead, if you already have a room, make the opportunity to invest in some essential objects. Here you have 5 must-have things to organise your desk.

1. Spacious desk + comfortable chair

Desk and chair are the main furniture that form your working or studying space. A comfortable chair will be your best friend during long study/work sessions.

The desk question is more complex: if you mainly use your laptop or books, you need a simple but functional table. If you are an artist, designer, or need lots of tools to do your job, your desk basically is your working space, so a spacious one is better for you.

On my desk, I keep just the things I really need while I’m working: a glass jar with pencils and pens, some sticky notes, my Inchiostro weekly planner and my bullet and paper book. There is also space for my laptop, while the rest of the space is empty, so I don’t have distractions.

Remember to consider the location of your desk according to your windows and lights.

2. A desk planner

Having a desk planner will help you with your daily tasks, visually reminding you about your priorities and avoid to forget important things.

Inchiostro and Paper Desk Planner combines a weekly view, with enough space for your tasks, your appointments. On the right side, there’s a tearable dotted space for your weekly to-do list or your grocery list.

It’s a minimalist but functional stationary object that will help you be focused on your work/study session along with your personal tasks.

3. Your creative and inspirational mood-board

Want to add some colours to your desk? A corkboard or a paper mood board is the right choice for you. Hang your favourite drawings, your motivational quotes, some polaroids from your last holiday… personalise it as you prefer but don’t forget to put just what is important for you, excluding everything that concerns distraction.

4. Functional and simple shelves

The best way to have an organised desk is to invest in some functional shelves. If you are searching for something, like a notebook or some blank sheets, you must be able to find them in a short time.

I usually keep here also the books I’m reading at the moment: now I have the ‘Make it remarkable Journey’, written by one of the most inspirational women for me, Sabrina.

Add extra space with shelves

5. Add some green

When I use Pinterest to search for inspiration, I'm always amazed by minimalist homes full of green plants and pastel flowers.

Having a little cactus and some dried flowers on my desk reminds me to focus on positive things and positive vibes.

Choose your favourite flowers and take care of your little plant: these are little actions that will help you relax yourself 5 minutes while studying or working.

add a little green to your desk setup

Guest post by our lovely brand ambassador Elena Zanon

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