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How to properly use your weekly planner in 5 steps and be more productive and organised

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When the time comes to choose your new planner, there are several shops and stationery shops who sell various types of planners, such as a daily planner, a monthly organiser or the weekly planner, the most chosen planner. However, it's known that during the year you don’t properly use each page of the planner: sometimes you forget the monthly view, sometimes the blank pages at the end, or worst, you don’t use the double weekly setup.

With some quick and simple tips, you’ll be able to use your weekly planner to be more organised and complete all your goals, without forgetting important dates and events.

1. Find some time to plan the week ahead

Talking about being more productive, the most important thing is that you find some time to plan and organise your days. Just half an hour, Saturday or Sunday, just you and your planner!

2. Use the monthly view

The monthly spread borrowed by the bullet journal method at the beginning of each month on the inchiostroandpaper weekly planner is crucial to remember birthdays and important events (weddings, uni exams, doctor's appointments...).

This monthly view will help you have a complete overview, so when you need to organise meetings, dinners and so on, you just have a look there and find the right day.

3. Weekly side for events you can't forget

If you use a weekly planner with a double-page setup, I suggest you to use your set dates page to write everyday meetings, appointments, school or work deadlines and so on. Don’t forget to note them with the right time and the place where they’ll be heald.

4. Use the blank space for a weekly to-do list

I’ve already given you some tips to create to-do lists you’ll actually fulfil- in case you had missed the article, you’ll find it here. I’m used to creating my simple weekly to-do list on this page with the ‘big’ things I have to do, dividing them with the different days.

5. Personalise your weekly planner with your creativity

Choosing a minimal planner, such as the weekly planner designed by Inchiostro and Paper, you will be able to free your creativity and personalise it from the first page till the last one. In fact, your weekly planner has to become your best friend for 365 days: make the best to feel it as your little creative world!

Get one of the last copies of the 2020 weekly planner and join the #inchiostrofam!


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