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On the Road, our lovely home in Florence

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Walking into On the Road Library is like embarking on a journey to the other side of the world. This independent bookshop in the heart of Florence in fact is specialised in travel literature and

Martina, the owner, told us her story and the birth of the On the Road bookshop: keep reading to discover it with us!

Hi Martina! We are very happy that Inchiostro and Paper's products have a new home in Florence! Tell us about you and about On the Road!

I’m Martina, owner and bookseller of On the Road in Florence, a bookstore specialised in travel literature.

My studies were about cinema’s scenography and, I always had a curious mind and big imagination related to everything that surrounded me, in particular about the world and nature. I’ve always loved to travel and imagine possible lives and working in as a scenographer taught me about new spaces and other worlds.

How did you get the idea of opening your own bookshop?

When I decided to change my life, I wanted to open a bookshop for travel books in order to put together my two biggest passions, books and travels.

On the Road was born in this way, in only two months, 6 years ago, on the impulse of a momnet. I furnished it with recyclable materials, drawers, boxes, vintage suitcases, potatoes boxes… and dividing the spaces according to continents.

In each continent, you will find maps, guides and travel literature about it. During the years, the bookshop has been ‘populated’ with geographic maps, balloons, aeroplanes, maps from every corner of the world, and everything about travelling and exploring.

What does ‘On the Road’ mean for you?

I wanted to call my bookshop ‘On the Road’, not only because of Jack Kerouac book (for sure one of the masterpieces about travel literature), but more for the idea that during our life, we have to be ready to change our road, going back travelling, reinventing ourselves when necessary, change directions sometimes too.

In this sense, staying ‘On the Road’.

What does ‘On the Road’ offer to its clients?

During the past 6 years, the bookshop has become more known and now it’s an actual sharing space, with events about travelling and exploring, a meeting point for travels looking for inspiration and books/maps for their next travels.

I inclusively manage the bookshop, because I don’t like cold and exclusive places. Every day I try to create new synergies with other little entities, independent publishing houses and in general with people who share with me the basic values about travelling: an open mind, curiosity, sharing and integration.

In my little world called ‘On the Road’, I firstly want to open my own mind, and also other people's mind, to new horizons and points of view. I want to explore together new places, people and different cultures, with particular attention to ecology and planet care.

Thank you so much, Martina for opening the doors of your beautiful bookstore to us! It's an honour to be on this journey with you!

If you, like us, are a travel lover always looking for new lands to explore, you can’t miss a visit to our retailer On the Road bookshop in Florence. Martina will be there, waiting to share about her travels, real and written. And in between unknown lands and amazing travels, you will also find our 2020 Inchiostro and Paper collection!

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