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We were not supposed to be there.

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Meike Wander, owner of the most beautiful stationery shop in Berlin, had received my email the night before and was about to reply with a kind "Thank you, but no thank you". But once I got there, the morning after, a bag full of planners and notebooks, she slowly picked the notebooks, one by one, looked me in the eyes and said "yes".

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R.S.V.P. Papier in Mitte was founded by Meike back in 2001 as a tiny stationery store with online shop. In 2014, they opened a second, wrapping papers and Japanese papers store right across the street. R.S.V.P. is pure heaven for stationery addicts like us. I personally wanted to buy every single item on those beautiful paper-filled shelves and I really had to struggle to leave without committing a robbery. Anyone who loves high-quality, international stationery products, should plan to spend an hour or more browsing the two stores in the Mitte neighbourhood. Some of the things you find at R.S.V.P. are very limited editions, others are exclusively sold there.

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Our inchiostro and paper collections are now sitting in one of those beautiful tables and we still can't believe our German home is this beautiful.

R.S.V.P. Papier in MitteMulackstraße 14 / 26 10119 Berlin Mon-Sat 11am - 7pm




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