Rapid logging for your bullet journal How to use bullets

Rapid Logging

If you remember doing or are still doing, note-taking and traditional journaling, you know that it take time. It is quite common for people to leave their journal after a few weeks/months because it feels like a chore rather than a fun task.

We want your new bullet journal adventure to be fun and not additional stress to your busy life. Here's a new chapter to our guide to bullet journaling.

Rapid Logging is the bullet journal's language, like English is the language spoken in England and Italian is the one spoken in Italy.

Topics and Page Numbers

First, add a topic on top outer corner of the page and then number the page. As you using your bullet journal, get into the habit of adding a title and a number to your pages before you add content. Now that you've prepared your Index pages you are ready to start using and enjoying your bullet journal.


Rapid Logging relies on the use of short-form notes paired with bullets. The bullets will help organise your entries into three categories: Tasks, Events, and Notes.


Tasks are represented by a simple dot “•” and include any kind of actionable items like “buy groceries”. Task has three additional states:

  • X = Task Complete

  • > = Task Migrated (A task that's been moved forward into the next Monthly Log or a Collection)

  • < = Task Scheduled (A task that's been moved backward into the Future Log)


Events are represented by an “O” bullet. Events are date-related entries that can either be scheduled (e.g. “Sabrina’s birthday 😊”) or logged after they occur (e.g. “paid the rent”).


Notes are represented with a dash “–”. Notes include: facts, ideas, thoughts and observations. Notes are entries that you want to remember, but aren’t immediately actionable. This bullet works well for meeting, lecture, or classroom notes.


Signifiers are additional symbols that serve to give your entries further context.

Priority “*”

It's used to give a Task priority. Placed to the left of a Bullet so that you can quickly scan your pages to find most important entries.

Inspiration "!"

It's normally paired with a note, to remember great ideas, inspiration and more.

Explore "👁"

It's used when there is something that requires further research, information, or discovery.

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