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Resolution and Goals- May 2020 edition

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Another month has begun and new goals are waiting for you. I know everyone during this quarantine is talking about motivation, goals and lists for the future, and sometimes I find myself a bit afraid in front of this because I’ve lost a lot of motivation during the last two months. But now that the situation is going a little bit better, I’m ready to find again new goals and positivity to organise the following months.

So here we are with our 6 May goals: as always, I’m trying to give you new Infos and points of view, but I want also to hear your voice!

1. Declutter your wardrobe and donate what you no longer need

This is one of the action I’m thinking about a lot and I have some tips for you. Firstly, you have to empty your wardrobe and put everything on your bed/desk. The second step is to check cloth by cloth what fits you and what you don’t wear since a long time. The last step is to decide what you want to keep: this step will also help you with your future shopping because you’ll understand the things you really need.

Talking about decluttering, I suggest you watch the Youtube videos of these two amazing women who talk about decluttering, fast fashions and related topics. Here you’ll find Camilla with her Carotilla, and here Francesca from The bluebird Kitchen.

2. Become a volunteer at a refugees camp/institute

Now it’s a bit difficult to move from a city to another, but you could always re-use these goals differently. The idea is that there’s always someone who needs help: maybe your neighbour with grocery, or your sister with a lot of homework, or maybe that friend that you didn’t see for years but now he’s in a difficult situation.

3. Host an au-pair or a foreign student at home

Also for this goal, we have to wait some weeks. But here the ideas are always about helping someone and learning a new skill (for example language!). Are there any foreign Erasmus students at your university? Organise with them a Skype or Zoom meeting and talk about something in your languages.

4. Support your friends’ business by buying their products and services

More than ever, this is a difficult period for local producers and artisans. Always try to support a small business with some online shopping, waiting for new changes to be together at markets and events again!

5. Look out for people who have been successful at what you are trying to achieve, then gent inspired by their actions

Social networks are a big help for this goal: there are always people sharing their past experiences on Instagram or Facebook, but in this period I’ve discovered some podcasts made by people who are working in the same area I’m thinking about my future.

I suggest you Mettiamola così by Beatrice Zacco, where you’ll find also an episode with Sabrina, Inchiostro and paper founder. Another inspirational podcast is Ted Talks Daily where you’ll find short speaks made by solo entrepreneurs or people who reinvented themselves in work and life.

6. Think before you print. If you must do it, ALWAYS reuse single-side printed paper

Always keep in mind a good action for our planet: this month is about printing and paper recycle, something I’m in because I’ve just finished University and I know the number of books and paper you need. There are some online tools you could use to organise notes and book resumes, and you won’t need to print them. I always keep some old paper sheets on my desk to take notes and write down things. Before printing something on a new white sheet, have a look and search for paper you’ve already use on one side and reuse it!

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