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Resolutions and goals for March 2020

Here we are with a new month and new goals: from today, you have 31 days to complete them all and share your achievements on your socials using #inchiostroandpaper.

I just want to give you some help with personal tips, but don’t be afraid of use your creativity!

1. Learn a few words of Italian (also with the help of your weekly planner)

Inchiostro and Paper planners are both in Italian and English, so it’s very easy to learn something new using them: start with week days, numbers and everyday words. And if you have already experience with Italian language, I suggest you to try reading the blog articles here! If you don’t understand something, just have a look on the english version.

2. Invite a friend over for a special dinner (cooked by you)

It doesn’t have to be a Michelin star dinner, just a simple pasta al Pomodoro would be amazing. There are a lot of blogs or youtube channels where they explain everything step by step. And if you want to learn something about authentic Italian cuisine, I suggest you two of my favourites: Lidia’s Latte & Grappa with Veneto cuisine or Giulia and Tommaso’s Juls’ kitchen with Tuscan cuisine.

Lidia from @latteegrappa cooks some gnocchi for her friends!

3. Go and see the Mona Lisa or any famous painting near you

In every town there’s a museum with some paintings: it doesn’t has to be necessary a Van Gogh’s or a Picasso’s, also a local painter.

4.Invest in a young startup

Supporting young entrepreneurs is something that everyone, especially us, could do. If you want to support some emergent projects, I suggest you crowdfundme or ulule. Instead, if you want to give a chance to someone to publish a book, choose bookabook.

5. Identify what’s stopping you from turning your dream into reality

Fear is a common friend that we have when we start thinking about building our personal project. Fear from the other’s judgment? Try to forget the bad voices in your head and start listening to your heart. Fear of failure? If you don’t start with something, you won't be able to know if it’s your true passion or life goal.

It takes time to become friend with your fears, but once you have done it, your dream life begins;)

6. Make a habit of writing to companies’ customer service to induce them to reduce plastic packaging and monodose products.

Have you ever thought about the fact that we mostly buy food packaged with plastic at the supermarket? I’ve noticed that some companies pack tea filters using a single plastic bag for each filter, also if they already are in a paper bag. What can I do to reduce this useless plastic abuse? Find the customer care email, write down some lines for them explaining the situation and hope they’ll change their habits. What can I do while I’m waiting for an answer? Change my daily habits: my favorite afternoon snack is yogurt with cereals, but in this period I’m trying to avoid the plastic little vase, preferring yogurt packed in a glass jar for example.

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