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Resolutions and goals you could actually fulfil- January edition

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New year means new goals and plans for the following 12 months. For some people is easy to think about new projects and set up new goals. For others, staying focused on a life/work/dream project for such a long period of time, can be difficult or too challenging.

inchiostroandpaper always puts his customers and supporters first: last year I’ve bought the weekly planner for the first time after 5/ 6 years with a blank space Moleskine and the aspect I’ve appreciated the most about Inchiostro’s weekly planner was the monthly goals page.

This year as well, I’ve chosen a weekly planner (but also a daily planner and a bullet journal, because one planner isn’t enough for my organisation). And the first thing I’ve done was to read and think about the monthly goals for 2020, so I’ve decided to share with you

How to set up resolutions and goals you could actually fulfil in 2020.

1. Love yourself

The most important but also the most difficult (not for everyone of course) is self-confidence. This is a journey with your body and mind, during which you learn about your emotions and reactions towards the real world. For this year, I suggest you listen to your body and mind, giving time to yourself to understand positive feelings but also negative vibes.

credits @emilycoxhead

2. Say I love you at least once a day this month

To your parents, grandparents, friend, best friends or just someone you think that deserves this ‘I love you’. In a world focused on self-making, be the one who has a positive word for the others.

3. Create a yearly travel plan

You don’t have to necessarily book 100 plane tickets, it could be for example 1 big holiday and some shorter trips around your region/nation.

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at Inchiostro founder’s blog, Sabrina, who will for sure inspire your next destinations!

4. Go this entire month without spending any money

January means sales and discounts all around the world, but swim against the tide and don’t buy anything. Usually, these extra sales have been studied and planned to finish old clothes and accessories stocks, attracting attention at low prices.

Excluding money for rent, food and necessary things, always think before you buy something.

Pss… we’ll have a full article about money-saving this month... So stay tuned!

5. Set one big goal for this year (be specific)

This could be a work project, something about your private life, your studies and so on, but the most important is that you have time till the end of the year to realise it.

Being specific will help you not lose your way through the journey: focus your attention and your strength every day, also for a short period of time. But do it every day.

In each goal bucket list for 2020, you'll find a recommendation for your big goal: consider it as a practical help.

credits @emilycoxhead

6. Get a refillable bottle

Are you still drinking from a plastic bottle? January is the perfect month for good purposes and so get this refillable bottle! Saving money and giving more attention to our planet are big steps for our world. And for this reason, @inchiostroandpaper is about to add something new to their shop. And you are the first to find out.

If you still haven't found your perfect refillable bottle, inchiostro is about to release the one in a very limited (100 pieces) edition.

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If you already have a refillable bottle, have a look at this article where you’ll find the other 5 eco-tips to reduce plastic and pollution.

Are you ready to complete all your 2020 goals? Share with us your progress with #inchiostroandpaper on your social media!

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