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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

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We select our retail partners through very detailed and thorough research. We always want to find homes (shops) for our products that resonate with our brand, values, story and clientele. We don't just sell our collections to anyone, we prefer to build strong, long-lasting relationships. Basically, we want to create magic. Year after year. Today, we want to talk to you about Stefania and her incredible shop in Villafranca di Verona. Keep reading the interview below!

Stefania initially found out about us through Cera Una Bolla, another artisan brand she hosts in her shop. She bought a copy of our 2019 inchiostro and paper planner and we shared a few pictures on her social media channels. Earlier this summer, we connected again and decided that her lovely shop would be a perfect place for our new Water Collection. Here's her story and the story of Tramée Concept Store in Villafranca di Verona.

Hello Stefania! Thank you for your time and for opening the doors of your beautiful shop to inchiostro and paper. Tell us about you! What did you do before opening your gorgeous store?

After many years of working as a store manager of a shop that dealt with big international brands, I felt the need to find my own way and concentrate my energies on something that truly reflected me. This is why, I created TRAMÉE Concept Store. This is the meeting place between my two greatest passions: travel and handmade.

Why travel and handmade?

Travel because it was on my travels that I discovered concept stores: small shops where I lost myself for hours browsing through thousand creations, often handcrafted. Every corner was a real discovery, near a bag I found prints, then cups, then again a scented candle, jewels, stationery and colourful washi tape...

All sort of things, but each one had his own identity and story to tell. Each product was different from the others and in each one I could breathe the personality, the originality of the people who made them.

Hand-made instead is a passion that I cultivated since I was a child and that has found its greatest development when I met my husband, Alberto, who like me loves working with his hands, creating and transforming things and shapes. In fact, the terrariums I have here in the store are created by us together...

How did you create such a unique collection of things and brands in your store?

I have always wandered around hand-made markets and collected profiles and business cards, until I had this great opportunity to start a stable market, with ongoing collaborations and capsule collections related more to the changing season. The choice to collaborate with Italian laboratories stems from the desire to enhance our country and the great artisan culture that young artisans have the courage to carry on. On top of this there was also a big part of environmental attitude: if I have the opportunity to draw on products made in Italy, respecting the environment as much as possible, why shall I get them from overseas where I don't know the materials that have been used? When I don't see certifications? And where I don't know how the people who work are treated?

How did you feel when you decided to leave your safe job and security to open such an innovative shop?

It was a real bet to leave a "safe" job to pursue this dream, but today, even if I am only at the beginning of my journey, I am very happy to have had the pleasure of meeting so many fantastic people who put passion and love into everything they do.

Later on, came the idea of ​​opening the concept to creative workshops Also this comes from a passion of mine, that was never possible with the working hours of my previous job. But now, it's amazing that I can host these events in my own shop, because sharing these moments with DIY enthusiasts like me is always extremely fun and challenging.

Thank you, Stefania!

We are incredibly grateful that you opened the doors of your beautiful home to us and our products. ♥️ Grazie!

Make sure to visit Stefania's gorgeous shop when you are in Verona and say hi from us! On top of her incredible selection of handmade and craft products, you'll also find our entire 2020 Collection.

Address: Corso Garibaldi, 32 a 37069 Villafranca di Verona VR Opening Hours: Tue-Sat

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