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Being an online stationery shop, you can buy our products from the comfort of your sofa in our cute online shop,24/7, Monday to Sunday.
But, if you are more into offline shopping, if you wish 
to touch and feel our products before making a decision, we get you and this is why we've decided to go on a tour around the world and hand-pick a few specialised stationery shops, bookstores, concept and sustainable stores as well as
 lifestyle brands retailers. 

Basicallywe are everywhere. From our tiny city of Padova to London (our adopted home), Berlin (our future home?), Prague, Budapest and Australia.

Explore our #inchiostrohomes and read their story in our blog.

Are you a beautiful stationery shop, a cute bookstore or a quirky gift/lifestyle/design/sustainable store? 

You might be interested in stocking the no.1 stationery brand worldwide in your shop. If you want to know more about our collections or discuss a collaboration, please
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inchiostro lab

Via J. Facciolati 124/B 
35127 Padova


Tramèe Concept Store

Corso Garibaldi, 32 a 
37069 Villafranca di Verona 

La Bassanese

Piazza Largo Corona D'Italia, 41, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI

Alice Fiori & Pensieri

Via Roma, 17, 44049 Vigarano Mainarda FE

Start Libreria

Via S.M Giuseppa Rossello, 7, 17019 Varazze SV


Via Mezzaterra, 12, 32100 Belluno BL

Qui Virgola

Via Carducci, 21, 36015

Schio VI

La Forma del Libro 

Via 20 Settembre, 63, 35122 Padova PD

NB Libreria

Via Luigi Des Ambrois, 2e, 10123 Torino 

Fratelli Biagini

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 19A, 40126 Bologna 

On The Road

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 106, 50134 Firenze FI

Teorema la Cartoleria

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 18, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP

I libri di Elena

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini - Interno, Corte Piero della Francesca, N°59, 47521 Cesena FC


Via Tiziano Aspetti, 13, 35132 Padova PD


Mulackstraße 14 / 26

Berlin, Germany





Radost Shop


Cartoleria Pisetta

Via Del Brennero 13
38122 Trento 


La Bottega delle Nuvole

Vicolo delle Mura, 27
33170 Pordenone



Via Carducci 21

36015 Schio (VI)




Via Giovenale 46

Sulmona (AQ)

Ca' Libro

Via Santa Giulia, 40/A, 10124 Torino 

Your fav store 

Email us if you have a favourite store that you think could be our next "home"!

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